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Thorndell Engineering Limited have over 40 years of experience. Our expertise lies in Portal Frame Buildings, Bespoke Staircases, Balustrades and Balcony Installation. We also work on smaller products such as handrails, metal fences and gates, and pedestrian barriers. As Structural Engineering Consultants we work closely with our clients, from design to installation, to offer bespoke and innovative solutions for their needs.

It's been a successful four decades for Thorndell, which has allowed us to expand upon the services and products we offer. Our latest development was opening our in-house Powder Coating Plant in 2011 to offer powder coating services on-site. The addition of the plant has been a real asset to our business, and our clients too.

Powder coating is one of the most popular methods of applying paint to metal. By spraying a dry powder onto the product and then curing with heat, it eliminates the use for solvents. It creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional solvent based paint. This process is suitable for many metals, such as: mild steel, galvanised steel, aluminium and cast steel. It is often used on outdoor aluminium installations, including windows, doorframes and building facades as it can protect them from corrosion. This method is so popular because it's highly resistant to chipping, scratching and fading.

Having our own powder coating facility allows us to monitor quality control and ensure that each product only leaves the plant meeting our strict standards. We offer a wide range of RAL and BS colours for a multitude of products; offering quick turnaround on productions sized 1850 high x 3m long. However, we do have capacity on a separate line for much larger productions around 2300 high x 7.5 long.

However, our plant equipment isn't limited to powder coating alone! We can also offer shot blasting, priming and galvanising. Read more about our Powder Coating services.

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